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sábado, 22 de janeiro de 2011

Now I know how you feel.

Today I'm here, I know exactly, or a little as you feel a person who loves, who dies oflove, love going out and sees her being happy while I'm home alone, but with only onethought (she was in her arms another), and that's not out of my head like a football news you see in the paper i just left, it is throbbing, i love that I feel in my chest feelsthat being trampled torn, or simply "undervalued", devalued by someone who tells you they love, someone you lived the best moments of your life, whom you should anenormous gratitude, but now are more focused on being happy with others, this persontells you "I love you, i is great to be with you "but to turn our backs this complaining about something, or simply less valuing what you did for her, i feel like you? , you feel acomplete idiot, a person who loves, but say there is also love, but it was just words,because what good is love and not have?,if you love that you seek happiness with the beloved, not other boy in the night, but loveis feeling more beautiful, more selfish i from all other feelings, but who really loves you prefer to display your loved one with another but happy that you and she's unhappy, butour hearts forever for one hour of suffering, slowly, yes, but little by little it gets betterand better all the time, but people do not know how to wait, and that is what they suffer, "expect ", but with time all learn.

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